Turning the page after resigning

Quitting is usually the end of one period and the beginning of another. As in all transitions, there is a period of mourning, because leaving a company is much more than just leaving one’s duties and a job. . .

Above and beyond the work itself, quitting also means saying goodbye to your relationship with your employer and colleagues, and changing your habits and environment. And yet, when we decide to quit one job for another, the decision is often based on the new job’s appeal to our eyes; we don’t really think about other aspects, although this is essential in order to leave with no regrets.

Ideally, one would be able to try out the new job for a few weeks before making the decision to leave one’s current employer. Of course, this is not possible. That’s why before quitting, you should try to get as much information as possible on the work environment of the company you’re interested in. We often forget that what keeps us in a particular company is more than the job itself—it’s also the relationships we have forged with colleagues and the employer.

Knowing what you’re giving up

“Quitting means giving up a company, colleagues and work projects,” confirms CHRP Louise Brochu, Senior Director with Raymond Chabot Human Resources. She points out that some people can suffer from anxiety, because they fear making the wrong decision by leaving their current job: “What if I’m making a mistake,” they tell themselves.

“Quitting is a bit like a divorce,” continues Alexandre Lafond, Vice-President of Mandrake Groupe conseil, a management consulting and executive recruiting firm. “Not only is it difficult to let go, but we also fear disappointing the person with whom we have had a professional relationship over many years, i.e. our boss,” he explains.

Moreover, if you leave on bad terms, you bring with you a feeling of failure and concerns that could hinder your integration in the new job. It’s like a badly handled divorce will have a big influence on future emotional relationships.

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