Steps to follow

Quitting is not something you do just like that. You need to prepare yourself, follow certain steps and especially not skip any! Here’s what to do when you’re ready to take the plunge.

Once you have made the decision to quit, the first person you should notify is your boss or immediate supervisor. In companies with a very formal hierarchy, you will probably need to speak to the head of human resources.

During the discussion, agree on the notice to be given and when you will be leaving the company. After this meeting, you can hand in your official resignation letter.

Also agree on how to inform the other employees. Usually management prefers to handle this formality themselves, and to make the announcement in their own words. If you are called on to do it, however, only mention when you are leaving and that you remain on good terms with company management. Don’t forget: it is essential to leave without burning your bridges and badmouthing the managers. You will need good references and will perhaps have to cross paths with your former boss at some point. . . “You need to be respectful, and act as you would have others treat you,” confirms Danielle Labre, CHRP and Senior Partner with Vézina Nadeau Labre, a human resources consulting firm specializing in career transition and employee retention.

After that, the only thing left to do is to pack your boxes!

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