Time for an assessment

Toying with the idea of quitting your job? To be sure you’re making an enlightened decision, start by analyzing your satisfaction at work.

Before doing anything as final as quitting your job, it’s wise to take the time to do a career assessment. This exercise will help you determine what you like and don’t like, not just in your current job but in your previous ones. It’s a great way to see things more clearly, so get your paper and pencil ready!

Going back…

Danielle Labre, CHRP and Senior Partner with Vézina Nadeau Labre, a human resources consulting firm, emphasizes that this exercise requires going back and analyzing your past professional experience. “You need to ask yourself what you liked or didn’t in your previous jobs. The goal is to discover the constants, the common aspects,” she says.  This will make it easier to know what makes you unhappy or stimulated in a job.

“You need to question yourself about your past as well as your present, in order to have the best idea of how you can improve your circumstances,” confirms Christine Caillé, CHRP and Senior Consultant at Knightsbridge, a human capital management firm. “For instance, you can ask yourself what kind of position provided you with stimulating challenges, with which type of boss you got along with, in which type work environment and corporate culture you thrived,” explains Ms. Caillé.

By filling out the columns of a table on a piece of paper, the reasons for your current and past sources of motivation or demotivation will already be clearer.

A required evolution

But be careful, because what was true at the beginning of your career perhaps no longer applies. You should therefore take this evolution into account in your analysis. “In our 20s, we need to explore, but in our 40s, we seek more stability,” she comments. You therefore need to make sure that what you found stimulating about your previous jobs is still true today.

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