Recognition at work

Discover why recognition is a key factor in workplace satisfaction.

Several studies show that most people who say they are happy with their work get recognition from their employer. “When you do something worthy of praise and don’t get it, you don’t feel valued and can get demotivated,” explains Danielle Labre, CHRP, Senior Partner with Vézina Nadeau Labre, a human resources consulting firm.

Recognition is much more than a congratulatory tap on the back from time to time, though! It can also take the form of getting to work on interesting projects, investing time and money in the employee’s training, etc.

“It is up to managers to provide their employees with recognition. Unfortunately, some don’t think to do it,” continues Ms. Labre. A gardening analogy would be watering a plant regularly so that it grows tall and lush, and not just waiting for rainfall to meet its needs.

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