To quit or not to quit?

For the past few months, your heart has not been in your work, and you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning just to go to work. Does this mean you should think about quitting?

Quitting your job is not a decision to make lightly. It should be well thought out, planned and based on good reasons. There are many clues, however, to guide you and tip you off that something is not quite right.

Work is health

According to Christine Caillé, CHRP and Senior Consultant at Knightsbridge, a human capital management firm, health is one of the first aspects to consider. “Working in an environment that doesn’t suit you, for a company with a culture that doesn’t mesh with your values and for a boss that you don’t get along with is bound to have an impact on your health,” she says. Consequently, recurring physical and/or psychological problems should tip you off and get you thinking about your situation.

She argues that there are many basic questions to ask yourself to see if the time to move on is right. For instance, you can analyze whether your job and your duties still appeal to you, whether you feel like going to work in the morning, and if it still provides challenges and opportunities for advancement. If the answer to each of these questions is “No,” the signs are not good.

Analyze underlying reasons

Danielle Labre, CHRP and Senior Partner at Vézina Nadeau Labre, a human resources consulting firm specializing in career transition and personnel retention, says that people usually mention a number of reasons for quitting. “What often comes up is dissatisfaction with respect to salary, working conditions, or a disagreement with the boss,” she points out.

She points out that if you dig deeper, there are underlying reasons for wanting to quit, such as a loss of interest in duties, a lack of recognition, feeling like one is going nowhere and not advancing, etc. “People complain that they feel bored, that they don’t enjoy their work and that they lack feedback,” explains Ms. Labre. In other words, if you feel like a parched plant greatly in need of water, it’s a sign you should clearly heed!

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