When should you consult a professional?

If you feel like your career has taken a wrong turn, meeting with a career management specialist or orientation counsellor could help you analyze the situation. . . and get you back on track!

CHRP Louise Brochu, Senior Director with Raymond Chabot Human Resources, believes that orientation professionals should be consulted on a regular basis. “When you have important decisions to take, or feel like you’re stuck or not learning anything new, it’s a good idea to meet with a specialist,” she says. She emphasizes that this can help you identify new avenues that you haven’t necessarily thought of, do a career assessment or discuss special difficulties.

Alexandre Lafond, Vice-President for Mandrake Groupe conseil, a career consulting and executive recruiting firm, for his part promotes career mentoring on an ongoing basis. “We regularly do assessments with a career mentor in our field. It can be a colleague with a lot of experience, or an acquaintance with a good career path,” he says.

In addition, you should see an orientation specialist right away if you’ve made a bad decision, such as accept a totally unsuitable job. A wrong turn can be fixed with the right resources and the right tools!

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