Leaving on bad terms

If you leave on a bad note, not only can you say goodbye to good references, but there may also be professional consequences in the long term. Don’t forget that you only have one reputation. . .

•       Leaving a company on bad terms with the employer sometimes has long-term                     repercussions—you never know if you will cross paths again in a hiring interview for another         company, which could cost you a new job.

•       Watch out for repercussions, if your former employer has discussed his or her bad experience         with you with other company leaders. The job market is smaller than you think, and a bad         reputation can follow you a long time.

•       A reminder: It’s always easier to find a job when you’ve already got one. Before leaving on a         whim and slamming the door behind you, take the time to plan your next moves. A long period of         unemployment is not only bad for morale, but it also looks bad to potential employers.

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