A voluntary separation in your CV

One or more voluntary departures can raise a potential employer’s eyebrows. How do you explain this in a job interview?

You’ve passed through the various stages of the hiring process for a job you want, and are now at the interviewing stage. At this point, you will likely be asked how your previous jobs ended. One or more resignations could lead the recruiter to fear that you are professionally unstable, have problems with authority or are a “difficult” employee. So many concerns could hinder your chances.

What should you say when asked to explain why you quit? According to CHRP Louise Brochu, Senior Director with Raymond Chabot Human Resources, you should be relatively discreet: “You are not in the confession booth! You are there to present and sell yourself, not tell the story of your life.” Therefore, it is best to watch what you say, and to stick to safe formulations such as, “I was at another place in my career path,” or “A good opportunity came up,” for instance.

And of course, don’t settle accounts with your former employer! “Don’t badmouth your former boss or company, as this will leave a very bad impression of you,” advises Louise Brochu.

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