What you must absolutely not do when resigning

Here are four behaviours to be avoided at all costs when quitting. Forewarned is forearmed!

    1.     1.     Leave on a whim: When the dust settles, you may be caught off guard. Be careful not to mortgage             your professional future and comprise your financial security because of excess frustration.             Resigning is something that should be carefully thought through whose consequences need to             be managed.
  1.     2.     Engage in blackmail: You want a promotion or an increase, and you’re thinking about threatening             to quit to get the boss to see things your way. Watch out for your bluff to be taken at face value.             Your boss could well decide to accept your resignation on the spot! It is best to ask for a             promotion or increase calmly, without resorting to this type of approach.
  2.     3.     Settle scores: Talking against the company, and openly criticizing your boss and colleagues are             to be avoided when you quit, unless you want to do without good references. Plus, who knows             what the future holds in store? You could well come across a former employer in another job, and             he or she will definitely not have kept a very good memory of you.
  3.     4.    Cry wolf: Don’t shout from the rooftops and tell all your colleagues that you’re thinking about             quitting. . . and then not follow through. Bosses hate rumours about people quitting. What’s more,             it could make him or her WANT to fire you. 

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