I’ve just been hired. . . and I already want to quit!!

You were enthusiastic about starting a new job, but unfortunately, it does not seem to be everything you thought it would be. Should you quit right away or give it a chance?

Your first impulse may be to quit as soon as possible, before the frustration caused by the situation has a chance to poison relations with your boss and colleagues. This is not a good idea, however.

Before handing in your resignation letter, it’s best to wait a while, explains Alexandre Lafond, Vice-President of Mandrake Groupe Conseil, a management consulting and executive search firm.  “You can set up a meeting with your boss to explain that the position does not correspond to what you were ‘sold’ in the interview. This will allow him or her to readjust and review your duties accordingly,” he explains.

“Before quitting, you need to examine just how much the job does not meet your expectations,” says Louise Brochu, CHRP, Senior Director with Raymond Chabot Human Resources. If only a few things bother you, e.g. certain tasks, the work environment—it’s better to wait two or three weeks before making your decision.

If the situation still shows no improvement after this, you can then start hunting for a new job. Keep in mind that it’s always easier to find a job when you already have one!

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